Word and Picture Association FLASHCARDS

The picture and word appear together, which allows students to associate the two together. These flashcards work well with words or phrases encountered for the first time because:

  1. Students see the picture,
  2. Students think of the vocabulary in their native tongue, and
  3. Students see and remember the vocabulary in English.

Students also encounter and improve spelling of the words. During exercises to test for comprehension or memory, teachers (or students) may cover the word with their fingers.

Activity #1: The teacher holds up the vocabulary card, says the word, and has the class repeat in unison. This improves word recognition and pronunciation. Repeat at least twice. Next, students get in pairs or groups, and receive one set of cards. One student draws a card, says the word, and his/her partner repeats it together. Continue around the group.

Activity #2: Students get into pairs and receive one set of flashcards. Student A draws a card, holds up the picture, and asks, "What is this?" Student B answers in a complete sentence. Switch roles (student B asks the question and student A answers it), and continue through the deck of cards.

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